Do  you  Ever   Wonder  as Entrepreneur  |  SME s  How to Measure  the  Performance of  Team Player  Inspite  of Your  Domain Expertise &  Background  In this podcast, I go deep into Different aspects  where you can Understand  &  Simplify your  Operational Excellence , by Improving  the  Measurable  Metrics  of  Your  TEAM Performance  

Challenge  of  Operational  Efficiency 

Challenge  of  Everyone  Working Together for  a Common  Goal 

Identify  the  Leaders  in YOUR  Business 

Listen  till the  End , and Comment on the fact  which  are the area of which you are Struggling to  Address  in terms of Measure of TEAM player Performance  &  How  this  Podcast  has  Given Enough  Food  for  thought  ,  in  Context  to Clarity &  Precision in Measuring  the  Performance.

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