EP – 11 Secret of Becoming a Marketing Genius

Do  you  Wonder  as  Business  Owner   |  SME s  How to  Become   a  Marketing Genius , In this Podcast  I go deep into Different aspect’ s   to Share  the  Finetuning  and  Help you  Understand  the  Clarity  and take  the  Call   to It

Metrics  of  Your FEAR  of   Cost  Cutting  In Your Business

Secret  of  Creating Massive  Cash  Flow  link  with  Business  Goals

 Secret  of  Predictable  Sales  , level  ,   THE   REAL  Business 

Identify  the  Key  Measurable  Element  &  Growth  in Your  Business

Listen  till the  End , and Comment on the fact  which  are the area  In which you are Struggling to  Address  in terms of Measure of True Competition  &  How  this  Podcast  has  Given Enough  Food  for  thought  ,  in  Context  to Clarity &  Precision in Measuring Business  Growth .

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