EP 15 Golden Secrets On How to Improve on Cash Flow

Golden Secrets  on How   to  Improve  On Cash Flow     , In this Podcast  I go deep into  Different aspect’ s   to Share  the  Finetuning    and  Help you  Understand  the  Clarity  and take  the  Call   to It 

Metrics  of  Specific   Improvement   on  Healthy Cash Flow   & Impacting Costs

Secret  of  Efficiency  Parameters   , level  ,   THE   REAL  Recipe

Identify  the  Key  Measurable  Element  &  Improvement  of  Efficiency & Growth In  Cash  Flow

Listen  till the  End , and Comment on the fact  which  are the area  In which you are Struggling to  Address  in terms of Measure of True Competition  &  How  this  Podcast  has  Given Enough  Food  for  thought  ,  in  Context  to Clarity &  Precision in Measuring the  Cash  Flow

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