Ep 1 – Why Does a Business Fail over a phase of Time

Do  you  Ever   Wonder  as Entrepreneur  |  SME s  Why  Does  a  Business  Fail  over  a phase of Time  Inspite  of Your  Domain Expertise &  Background  In this podcast ,I go deep into the 5 areas where you can Understand  the  Pillars  &  Simplify your  Business Functions &  Angles:

The more you over complicate your business, the lesser results you will be able to get as an overall Journey . 

Challenge  of  Cashflow

Challenge  of  Sale  as  a Process 

Challenge  of  Excellence Customer  Experience

Challenge  of  Operational  Issues 

Listen  till the  End , and Comment on the fact  which  are the Business area of functions which you are Struggling to  Address  any of the above challenges . Your  Inputs  will  Help  To Share More Such Immense Valuable  Insight  which will  Help To Take Your  Business To The  Next Level

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